25th AGAH Annual Meeting 2016, Berlin

agah_logoThe Association for Applied Human Pharmacology / Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Angewandte Humanpharmakologie (AGAH) has provided further details of it’s 25th Annual Meeting that will be held this year in Berlin from 20-22 April.

The topic of the meeting will be ‘Exploratory drug development in immunotherapy’.

The immune system is an important target in medicines development. Effective drugs against cancer, viral and bacterial infections or autoimmune diseases have entered the clinic; immunotherapy of cancer was even claimed to be the imminent breakthrough of the year in 2013.

Immunotherapy is the main topic of the upcoming annual meeting of the AGAH. The conference will start with an overview about how to define different approaches and will present an insight into current and future therapeutic opportunities. With respect to early medicines development, the conference will focus on special requirements regarding the development of medicines in this field.

Further details and online registration can be found at http://www.agah.eu/annual-meeting-2016.html.

The Medical Association of Berlin (Ärztekammer Berlin) has accredited the Meeting with 12 CME points.

The AGAH is a founding member of EUFEMED (the European Federation for Exploratory Medicines Development) that was formally incorporated in May 2015 and also includes AHPPI, BAPU, and Club Phase 1 – the British, Belgian and French professional member associations specialising in human pharmacology.

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