Research in UK

Publications providing information on conducting early phase clinical trials in the United Kingdom.

JT_article_CCRA_Yearbook_2014_pdfEarly phase clinical trials in the United Kingdom.

Täubel J, Rogers D, Clinical & Contract Research Association Yearbook 2014, pp 9-10



5NgScUZk_400x400Rule Britannia – the advantages of conducting first-time-in-human (FTIH) studies in the UK compared to other European markets.

Täubel J, Berelowitz K, Lorch U., International Clinical Trials, P16+, February 2011


qt4st1-7_400x400-2Clinical pharmacology studies in UK Phase 1 units: an AHPPI survey 1999–2000.

Calder N, Boyce M, Posner J, Sciberras D, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Volume 57, Issue 1, pages 76-79, January 2004


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