Managing Committee

Dr Muna Albayaty

Medical Director, PAREXEL, London

Muna is a Consultant Specialist in Pharmaceutical Medicine with 12 years of experience in early phase clinical drug development and clinical trials as PI. She is a Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine and her main areas of interest are Respiratory, CNS and Immunology.

Dr Jim Bush

Medical Director, Covance, Leeds

Jim has around 14 years experience in early phase drug development and has worked at Covance’s Phase I Unit for over 6 years as PI for Phase I (including FIH) studies. Jim holds a Certificate of Completion of Training in Pharmaceutical Medicine is a Fellow of the FPM. He is also a member of the ABPI Experimental Medicine Expert Network.

Dr Joseph Cheriyan

Consultant Clinical Pharmacologist and Physician, Cambridge University Hospital, Cambridge

Joseph has been a consultant since 2006, working in the NHS and the University – running academic and industry sponsored Phase I/II clinical trials. He also has a 50% secondment (non-employee status) to GSK’s Phase I/II clinical unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge – GSK’s last remaining early phase clinical research facility in the world.

Anthea Cromie PhD

Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacology Sciences, Celerion, Belfast

Anthea has over 20 years of experience in early clinical research. In her current role she oversees study design, data analysis, interpretation and reporting of early phase clinical pharmacology studies, and is also responsible for ensuring European standards and regulatory requirements are an integral part of the harmonised global processes within Celerion’s global Clinical Pharmacology Sciences group.

Anthea is the Committee Secretary.

Mike Hammond PhD

Principal of Clinical Quality Management Solutions, Oxford

Mike did his PhD in Pharmacology at the University of London and has held various career positions in drug discovery programmes for agents to treat inflammatory / allergic and CNS diseases with US, European and Japanese pharmaceutical companies.

Tim Hardman PhD

Managing Director, Niche Science & Technology Ltd

Tim started Niche Science and Technology Ltd in 1998 and manages a multi-disciplinary team performing specialist CRO services. Tim is a post-doctoral scientist with knowledge of a broad range of scientific disciplines and a thorough understanding of the process of drug development.

He is currently the AHPPI Chairman.

Dr Annelize Koch

Medical Director, Simbec Research Ltd, Merthyr Tydfil

Annelize has over 15 years of experience in drug development, including interpretation of preclinical pharmacology & toxicology, running & planning Phase I (including FIH) and Phase IIa trials. In addition to her medical degree, Annelize holds a Certificate of Completion of Training in Pharmaceutical Medicine (RCP) and is a Fellow of the FPM.

Dr Ulrike Lorch

Medical Director, Richmond Pharmacology Limited, London

Ulrike trained as an anaesthetist at St George’s Hospital in London. She is a co-founder of Richmond Pharmacology and a Principal Investigator with specialist expertise in innovative adaptive study designs.

She is Richmond Pharmacology’s appraisal lead for physicians revalidating their licence to practice with the General Medical Council and an educational supervisor for specialist trainees in pharmaceutical medicine.

Dr Stuart Mair

Medical Director at Quotient Clinical, Nottingham

Stuart joined Quotient in 2009 and before that he was Medical Director at Charles River’s Phase I unit in Edinburgh (formerly Inveresk Research). He currently leads a team of 12 medical doctors at Quotient and also acts as a Principal Investigator on a range of studies including first-in-human studies. He is also a member of the ABPI Experimental Medicine Expert Network (EMEN) committee and is a Fellow of the FPM.

Steffan Stringer

Principal Consultant, Alwyn Consulting

Steffan has almost 30 years of experience in early phase clinical research and has worked in four clinical pharmacology units, for three companies on two continents.

He is currently the AHPPI Treasurer and President Elect for EUFEMED.

Dr Jörg Täubel

CEO, Richmond Pharmacology, London

Jörg Täubel is a medical practitioner and clinical pharmacologist with a special interest in cardiology. Jörg co-founded Richmond Pharmacology and as well as being the CEO he is also a Principal Investigator and Responsible Officer for training and revalidation of the Medical Doctors employed at the unit.

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