Annual Meeting 2013

Translational PD Studies in Early Stage CNS Drug Development

24th October 2013 at Academy of Medical Sciences

Each year members and non-members are invited to an annual conference focused on a chosen topical issue.  This year’s event was well attended and has been praised by delegates for the high quality of information and informative presentations. A collection of specialist presentations were delivered by our highly acclaimed speakers, Prof. Praveen Anand, Dr. John Connell, Prof. Derk-Jan Dijk, Prof. Keith Wesnes and Prof. Steve Williams. Delegates also took part in a lively debate, and had opportunities to network and participate in shaping the future of the AHPPI. Please view our presentation pdfs below.

The Role Of Contemporary MR Imaging Techniques in Early CNS Drug Development

Prof. Steve Williams, King’s College London

Effects of Hypnotics and Wake Promoting Compounds of the Sleep and Wake EEG

Prof. Derk-Jan Dijk, University of Surrey

Meeting Translational Needs for Novel Pain Drug Development

Prof. Praveen Anand, Imperial College London

The Role of Human Models of Disease State in Accelerating Early Clinical Development for CNS Active Compounds

Dr. John Connell, Icon Development Solutions

Translational Medicine for CNS Compounds is Alive and Well in Phase I: A Review of 30 Years’ Experience

Prof. Keith Wesnes, Bracket Global



We are pleased to be able to share with you the overwhelmingly positive feedback and comments collected from this years delegates. The main strengths were noted as “Very interesting. Nice variation in the topics. Easy to reach venue” and “Excellent speakers”.

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