MRI ScanThe Association for Human Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Industry (AHPPI) was founded in 1988. Our members include physicians, nurses, clinical scientists, project managers and various types of support staff – who work for organisations, such as pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations (CRO), involved in the early development of new medicines. Most of the big pharmaceutical companies and CROs in the UK are represented among the membership.

The purpose of the AHPPI is to provide a forum for continuing education in clinical pharmacology – the discipline that underpins early development of new medicines –  and in the regulatory aspects of early development of new medicines. We hold symposia with invited speakers, at least once per year. Membership of the AHPPI is a mere £35 per year and attendance at symposia will often be at a discounted rate for members.

We have links with other organisations involved in developing new medicines, such as ABPI, Institute of Clinical Research and Contract Clinical Research Association. Also, we share some of our symposia with the Clinical Section of the British Pharmacological Society, an organisation whose members are mostly from university departments of clinical pharmacology. The AHPPI is run by a committee and provides information to members via its website.

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